Why Your Drain Keeps Clogging

The blocked drain is one of the most annoying when the toilet flushes or shower starts draining slowly. These situations are a clear sign that there is a clog in your drain. If you need to unblock drains Molesey again and again, there might be any of the following conditions. Let’s read the article till its end to know about possible fixes.


Hair is one of the biggest culprits of the clogged drain. These hairs are bound with grease and other sticky substances and clog in the gutter. The best way to avoid hair in the drain is to prevent it from occurring in the first place by unblocking drains Molesey. You can also use the guards in the gutter to catch hair. But make sure to wash these guards regularly.


Soap is another thing that causes blockage in the drain. Two of the major components used to make soaps are fat and grease. In that case, this fat and oil get mixed with minerals and form hard residues in the drain pipe, making you confused about how to clear blocked drains. So, use soap-free washes so your pipe pressure doesn’t get blocked with the soap residues.

Food Waste

Food wastes are commonly found in kitchen sink drains that may clog the drain. Even when you have a garbage disposal, your kitchen may have food waste in the sink drain. Some specific foods won’t break down, coffee grounds, etc. You can keep several options for storing food waste in the kitchen, and drain cleaners or plunger snakes are other tools that may help eliminate food waste.

Wipes AndDiapers

You should only flush human waste and toilet paper in your toilet. The wipes and diapers are bulky and can cause blockage in the bathroom. You should not also throw quilted toilet paper many at once into the toilet bowl.

Cotton Swabs AndFeminine Products

You should never flush the feminine products such as sanitary napkins or other feminine products. These pure products are made of tampons that reach ten times their size once they absorb fluid. Apart from that, these products never break down and create clogs. These types of waste can also cause severe problems in the drain. So, it would help if you never threw these in the toilet.

Tree Roots

This is another major cause of pipe blockage. The pipes generally stay underground. So, if the tree roots get spread, it can seriously harm the lines underground. You can only trace a tree root causing harm to your pipe by regular checking and drain inspections.

P-Trap Problems

This curved pipe is generally seen beneath the sink connected with the rest of the sink pipes. These taps are given such a name for their p-like shape. If something is stuck in this p-trap, the water cannot pass through it. You can give it a try for cleaning by yourself or call a professional.


Generally, this is quite tough to tell what the actual problem causing these blockage issues in the drain is and how to clear blocked drains. If you cannot fix the problem yourself, you can call an expert who will find out what is causing this blockage in your gutter and address possible fixes.

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