How to enjoy the strip club with your mates

Everyone has been through times in the last couple of years. If you’ve been cooped up and feeling a little shell-shocked, now is the best time to go out into the world. A lot might have changed but some things have stayed the same. Strip Clubs are as popular as they have always been. They still tick all that is necessary to have a good time drinks, music and beautiful people.

How does it play out: You walk in, and in a matter of seconds, you have a bevy of beauties paying you the kind of attention no other person will pay you in the outside world. You find a seat with the best view of the stage where a naked woman is working the pole and more. Before you can even scope the club, a topless waitress is trying to get you to concentrate on placing your order instead of drowning at the sight of nice big boobs. The strippers for bucks party notice you and acknowledges your presence with pointed moves. You are hooked, everything else around you vanishes and you only have eyes for her. A flirtatious smile, a few tips down some strategic place and your desire reaches a crescendo. You want more and the dancer can see that on your face and when she gets off the stage she may approach you and dance a little but ultimately lead to a private lap dance.

There is no better aphrodisiac than a having super sexy woman look at you as if you are the centre of her universe and that “she wants you”.

Lap dances are for everyone, enjoyed by guys and girls. Couples can enjoy being in a Melbourne strip club together, it is the best turn-on. Lap dances are better than any aphrodisiac on the planet. The best ones don’t take place in some seedy backroom but in nice plush gentlemens clubs.

What does it cost?

Lap dance rates are different for strippers for bucks party in different gentlemens club. A regular dance lasts for 10 minutes. However, the lap dance you buy will depend on what deal you strike with dancers. You may wish to pay more for a longer dance – it’s up to you.

If you’re looking for a longer performance, make sure you understand that you will have to pay more for the time.

What are the rules for lap dancing?


Customers are expected to behave decently towards the girls and show some respect. Rules aren’t just there for the sake of it, some rules are there not only to protect patrons and dancers but to ensure everyone has a great time. If you break any of the rules, you may find yourself thrown out.

  • No touching
  • Respect yourself and everyone else in the club.
  • No phones or cameras are allowed
  • No foul or lewd language towards the dancers.
  • Do not proposition the dancers for sex, they are not prostitutes.

A lap dance at a lot of Melbourne strip venues are truly memorable. Book your place ahead of time and you can have great memories that can be replayed over and over for years.

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