How to Design Your Dream Home – Tips by Architects in Nagpur

Many people design their dream houses of their own instead of buying them from a mass builder. If you are also one of them then here are some useful tips for you from the architects in Nagpur

  1. To begin with, start thinking about the purpose of building your home. It can be for creating a free playing space for your children, resale the house for maximum profit, etc. The reason may be anything but something must be there. The purpose helps you in deciding the design of the house. 
  2. The next step is to fix a certain budget for your house. By explaining the requirements to the architects, they will help in estimating the rough budget of the house. But you also make a rough estimate in your mind before meeting any architect as the construction of the house must suit your pocket. The architects will help you in providing the best design as per your requirement suiting your budget. 
  3. After fixing the budget, the next step is to what you want in your house. Explain your requirement to the architect so that they can design it well. If you have growing children or you live with your parents, you will require multifunctional rooms in your house. This is so because if you have multifunctional rooms in the house, you can change them according to your requirements. 
  4. Then you need to consult the Vastu consultants for consulting about the right directions for every space in the house. Many architects also have Vastu knowledge and they create the design of the house following all the Vastu norms. People who believe in Vastu understand its importance. There is nothing wrong with following it as it helps in bringing positive energy, good health, success, and prosperity to the house. Once the house is constructed it becomes difficult to do the changes. So, it is always advisable to consult the Vastu specialists while defining your new home. 
  5. Now, when you decide on the living space of your new house, things about all the members of the house. For joint families having old parents and small kids, open living spaces are mostly recommended by the designers. This is so because it provides easy accessibility of the house to all the family members which they do not get in designing the house with well-defined areas. When each area of the house is connected, the house looks much larger than it is. Connected spaces also require minimum interior design and fewer hurdles to the people walking inside the house. 
  6. Then comes the turn of designing the floor plan of the house. This is a very important step where you get a rough idea of how your house is going to look like. While designing the floor plan, take care of all the measurements very carefully. Also, keep the interior of the house in mind while designing it. Be realistic with your designs and do not complicate them


Designing your own house gives you immense happiness. Design it very carefully considering the requirement of all the family members and future perspectives. Consult with the best architects and try to complete everything under the budget. Visit Concepts Architects.


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