What should you know about a hotel transfer?

It is necessary to think over many questions in advance when planning a trip to rest in another Greece city or on a business trip, including, for example, how to get to the hotel. When negotiating a service in an unfamiliar place or ordering a taxi, there is a risk of being deceived and dishonest. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary financial expenses and anxiety, it is better to use the Aktis Taxi service.

What does the service include

Transport is ordered, as a rule, before arrival at the hotel a few days in advance. The local rent a car in Greece includes:

  • meeting a visitor with a sign on which the name of the hotel, last name, and first name of the client are written;
  • waiting for the guest, in case of flight delay;
  • arrival and, if required, assistance after arrival with accommodation at the hotel.

Transportation can be both individual and group.

Individual transfer

This type of transport involves the meeting of one tourist. An option for those who need to get to the hotel quickly without waiting for transport. The tourist is met by a representative with a sign of the hotel, he helps him carry and put luggage in the transport. Delivers to the hotel with comfort. When planning a trip, a passenger can independently choose a car. The client will be comfortably delivered immediately to the hotel, and he will be able to see the sights of the new place along the way.

Group transfer

If you need to meet and bring a group of people, so you have to wait for all the passengers. Transport travels along a predetermined route and delivers each tourist to the right place. This type of transportation is usually cheaper than individual transportation. Its cost is included in the ticket, in case of a tourist trip.  

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