Finding someone else’s IP Address

There might be a lot of reasons for you to find someone else’s IP address. Maybe it’s because you want to block a sender who keeps sending you unwanted emails. Or maybe you would like to track someone’s physical location by using their IP address. Whatever reason you might have, there are a few ways to find the IP address of the person you’re looking for. This article covers a few of those ways which you might find useful. Do read about is this reverse email lookup service

Examine a newly received email’s complete header

New email is a fast method to get someone’s IP address. This suggests that you are currently receiving an email from the individual whose IP address you wish to search. Email contains the information that is compressed into email headers along with the message contents. Headers include important information about where an email came from, such as an IP address.

It is important to keep in mind that the data which is found in the headings of emails can’t always be trusted. Scammers can easily use fake or temporary IP addresses, utilize advanced email settings, and can hide their IP addresses.

Finding someone’s IP address via chat

You can obtain someone’s specific IP address if you use a peer-to-peer platform such as Skype or other internet-based conversation allowed by WebRTC. It involves not only previous interaction with the individual whose IP address you want to track but also a live online chat conversation or video conference. To identify someone’s IP address, run the “netstat” command, which will scan each connection made to your device during the conversation or chat conversation. If you don’t already have an active conversation or conference with the individual you want to find, start one.

Using the command prompt

To find someone’s IP address on a personal computer, use a command prompt. This app is already installed on the majority of computers and can be started from the Start button on Windows PCs or the Utilities directory on Mac computers. When you first start a command prompt, you’ll see a blank screen. From there, you may use the ping command to verify if an IP address is reachable. Ping attempts to establish an internet link between the device you are using and the server with the IP address that you’re looking for.

Finding a website’s IP address

In the command prompt, enter the phrase “ping” accompanied by a space and the link to the URL you want to trace. Submit your command by pressing the Enter key on the keyboard. For instance, if you want to find Google’s IP address, type ‘ping’ and hit Enter. Now, your system will attempt to locate the hosting account for that website. If you are successful, the internet address you are looking for will appear. Otherwise, an error message will be returned. Always remember that tracing an IP address is normal as long as you don’t use it for illegal activities.

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