What Are the Different Types of Custom Coins Available?

Common people have been using the terms custom challenge coins and custom commemorative coins with the same intent. But not many know that there’s a difference between the two. There are a large variety of custom coins available and it is difficult for one to know the meaning of all of them. In this article, we are trying to give you a hang of it and it will make your perceptions a bit clearer.

What are challenge coins?

The concept of challenge coins is rooted back in the military when small embossed coins were made from different metals and used for varied purposes. The coins were awarded to the members of the Special Forces to recognize their affiliations and commemorate their acts of valour. The coins that are distributed among the squadron become a keepsake and a token against their integrity. As a result, these coins become priceless to the owners and they are handed down to the next generations as well.

Today, the challenge coins have found a vast array of use. They are now distributed in the rescue and service forces, in the departments of law enforcement, firefighters, or government agencies.

Corporate custom coins for companies

Corporate companies have multiple reasons to mint the coins. And most importantly, the process is not at all complicated or expensive. These coins are mostly made using sheet metals or PVC as the base material. Any business that has a tight budget can also curate its line of coins through this. If the companies have a lot of funds with them, they can use 24k gold or .999 silver for the coins.

Custom coins for universities and colleges

Universities and colleges frequently create their coins to celebrate the achievements of their students or alumni. They can be personalized and it is a poignant possession for any individual. Receiving these coins encourages the recipients about their academic accomplishments and increases their self-belief.

Custom sports challenge coins for athletes

Challenge coins are mostly used in the military to celebrate the comradery of the officials. Similarly, these are used in sports to felicitate the champions of the sports team. These are not always awarded to the winners but also to the participants. As a result, these coins have become a popular keepsake for individuals that can be passed on to the next generations.

In this regard, Responders Pro challenge coins offer easy customization to make things unique and memorable.

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