The Service Offered By The Princeton House Behavioural Health

Princeton House Behavioural Health (PHBH) is the region’s leading provider of inpatient, partial hospitalisation, and intensive outpatient care for individuals suffering from mental illness, drug misuse, or co-occurring disorders. PHBH is located in Princeton, New Jersey. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is another therapeutic option available at PHBH for people suffering from treatment-resistant depression. We advocate for evidence-based methods, continuous quality improvement, ongoing professional and community education, and new approaches to mental health services.

The Advanced Solutions for Children, a children’s programme, provides outpatient therapy services for children ages 6 to 12 who are experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties that are interfering with their ability to perform at school and at home. The programme is designed to assist youngsters who are experiencing difficulties with impulse control, despair, or violent or self-destructive conduct.

Among The Available Programmes Are

The Princeton house behavioural health Adolescent treatment programmes are designed to help adolescents who are experiencing emotional and behavioural issues, as well as drug misuse problems. A co-ed Adolescent Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) programme aimed at enhancing the control of emotions and reducing impulsive behaviours such as self-harm was launched in 2015. A DBT skills group, individual treatment, skills coaching, and family education are all part of the programme.

Individual and group therapy, family education groups, and expressive therapies like as art and yoga are all included in treatment for adolescent programmes. A full examination by a board qualified psychiatrist is performed before treatment begins. For people who are struggling with substance addiction disorders, urine drug testing and relapse prevention strategies are made available.

  • Assist teenagers in achieving their goals via this programme.
  • Improve your capacity to maintain self-control and cope with stress.
  • Regain your emotional equilibrium.
  • Improve your ability to function in healthy ways at school and at home.
  • Addiction is something that you should understand.
  • Obtain and maintain sobriety from addictive drugs and substances.
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