Single embryo transfer IVF: Why do we suggest it?

For many parents that want to have a child, the journey is challenging and challenging. However, today, all family-building changes are possible and have proven successful under the IVF clinic in Noida.

Worldwide, same-sex partners and partners experiencing infertility are developing their families with Single Embryo Transfer IVF services by the best IVF doctor in Noida.

It drastically decreases the chance of twins being conceived and the difficulties that may arise from unsafe pregnancies and births.

Moreover, SET-IVF has been shown to outcome in higher birth rates for those who do not produce measurable levels of eggs or sperm suggested by the IVF doctor in Noida.


Zeeva, a well-known IVF center in Noida, offers integrated information and advice to ensure that your IVF treatment has positive effects.

Single Embryo Transfer:

Most clinics used this to offer hope to couples eager to get a child under IVF treatment in Noida.

However, the process had one major disadvantage; increasing the possibility of multiple pregnancies. Couples even feared IVF, thinking it would automatically result in twins suggested by the IVF doctor in Noida.

Single Embryo Transfer IVF success estimates

The success estimates of IVF do not lean on the number of embryos fertility experts transfer. Instead, it relies on the selected embryo’s quality and the client’s diagnosis under the IVF clinic in Noida. Recent accomplishments have shown that implanting multiple embryos can even decrease pregnancy possibilities by 27%.

Experts explain that the body concentrates more on poor-quality seeds than healthy ones, cutting down the possibility of pregnancy suggested by the IVF doctor in Noida.

Single Embryo Transfer IVF success rates are high because experts focus more on finding and inserting one good-quality embryo under an IVF clinic in Noida. This process is better because it preserves other fertile seeds for subsequent use.

The technology behind Single Embryo Transfers

Professionals have combined many developments in ART to identify, implant, and preserve healthy embryos for pregnancy.

Extended Embryo Culture

Extended embryo culture is essential because it boosts the IVF Single Embryo Transfer success rate and the efficiency of every embryo chosen to be frozen for future use under the IVF clinic in Noida.

Time-Lapse Photography

At this stage, embryologists continuously monitor seeds to identify those with normal cell division.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy

Seeds with an average chromosomal count are believed to boost pregnancy success theoretically under IVF clinics in Noida.


Fertility experts can later use a single seed for IVF procedures.

Benefits of Single Embryo Transfer IVF

ESET did improve causes not only pregnancy success but also reduces the complications associated with multiple pregnancies, such as:

  • Premature delivery
  • Miscarriage
  • Child disabilities such as vision loss and cerebral palsy
  • Complications to the mother include nausea, vomiting, and high bp.

What are the complications associated with multiple births?

  • Multiple births increase infants’ chance of premature birth and low birth weight. It can affect the survival and well-being of newborns.
  • Women who carry multiples may be more likely to need Caesarean sections, which may require a more expanded recovery period.
  • Some who become pregnant with multiples may find one or more cannot survive to term or even premature birth. It may lead to a medical need to perform the fetal reduction suggested by the IVF doctor in Noida.
  • Women older than 35 have an increased risk of pregnancy complications, some of which could be life-threatening—carrying multiple adds to this risk under IVF clinics in Noida.

How is the best embryo chosen?

To pick the highest-quality embryo to transfer, the laboratory grades each seed based on its appearance. This assessment includes looking at the number and size of the cells, the rate of development, and other factors.

No method can reliably predict which seed will produce live offspring.Approaches also differ depending on whether the embryo is evaluated in the cleavage or the blastocyst stage.

Some programs are investigating new techniques for finding the best embryo, such as testing to see if a seed is genetically normal in the IVF clinic in Noida.

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