Is a general test compulsory for CUET? Why? 

CUET is the famous entrance exam the National testing agency conducts on the national level. This exam is the gateway to entering the top-level UGC in central universities. The entrance will rely on the CUET grades and, therefore. You should have full knowledge of the CUET course and its importance. So, in this blog, we will share the students’ top most-asked questions. 

About the CUET general test:

The general test of CUET is conducted for an hour, and the candidate should attend at least 60 questions from a total of 75. However, the marks on the general test are not required to get admission into all the courses. But 60% of the courses are based on this & the remaining 40% of questions are asked on general awareness of the subjects you have chosen. This exam is conducted for almost 66 central institutions, and that’s why the exam is quite challenging. The competition is challenging so you should be prepared now! In the general test paper, the general awareness & the familiarity of the student will be checked. 

Exam patterns of CUET general test:

The CUET general test examination enables the candidate to comprehend the exam. The exam pattern contains the number of questions asked, a section in which the paper is divided and the exam duration with some other details. The CUET pattern for the top-ranked universities is conducted as below:

  • All the questions asked in the exam are MCQ type. 
  • Candidates must cover at least 60 questions from 75.
  • The exam duration is 1 year.
  • The minimum eligibility to apply for this exam is 10+2.
  • You should choose 1 mandatory paper and 3 domain subjects for this exam. 

Is it necessary to clear this paper to get admission into any courses?

The general test for CUET is not mandatory for all programs in the central universities. This is only for the 60% of courses which CUET offers, but what about the remaining 40% of the course? You can also appear in this exam if you rely on these courses. The general paper for the CUET examination is an easy-to-score exam paper. You can easily score the highest marks & leverage the chances of getting a seat in the top colleges. 

How should a candidate be prepared for the general test?

Are you looking to apply for the CUET exam application? If you are, you must begin preparing for the general awareness section. 

  • To crack the general knowledge section, you should grab highly qualified grades. Individuals must read articles, newspapers and books, and magazines to improve their knowledge in basic general awareness. 
  • To improve general awareness, socialising is important. Candidates should be aware of the issues that affect the country and the global countries. 
  • Making notes is another best option to remember the important details at the last moment. You can highlight the most important achievements in yellow & red markers. It makes your last-moment revision better.
  • To grab the highest mark in the CUET general awareness section, you must have complete details on Science & Technology, Indian history, books & writers, nations and capitals & discoveries, and inventions by the expert.
  • You should listen to the news to get aware of the current affairs topic. Be aware & make notes on the inventions in Science & technology, national defence systems and worldwide defence. Grab knowledge on significant events like art & culture & discoveries related topics.
  • To gauge the level of preparation, you should join the quiz competitions. There are multiple sites where you can take such exams online. If you choose the wrong answer, you can get aware of the right one with a description.
  • It is also important to know some important dates and events this year before the exam.
  • Time management is the most crucial task to follow. Try to solve the questions papers of last year by outing a timer on your side.
  • Be aware of the numerical ability, mental ability, data interpretation, logical reasoning and much more. Try to make a routine and cover the topics based on that on a daily basis.

Do you want to be admitted into the top colleges’ preferred UG courses? CUET is one of the most prestigious exams conducted on the national level. The prospect of getting admission into the central universities is high. Students are crazy about grabbing the highest marks on the CUET exam because this is the way to achieve their dreams. The central universities’ placement opportunities are also better than anything else. Wrapping up, these are the facts why the general test CUET is compulsory. 

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