How to spot quality game credit giveaways and contests?


Online games like Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile are immensely popular nowadays. These multiplayer battle arena and battle royale games allow players to purchase virtual goods like skins, characters, weapons, and more using real money. However, buying tons of diamonds, UC, and other in-game currencies can get expensive. This is why many players look for free giveaways and contests to score some free credits.

Check the organizer’s reputation 

Is it being organized by the game publisher like Moonton or Garena? Or is it a third-party company? Official contests from the developer itself are often more legitimate. However, many trusted third-party brands regularly collaborate with game companies to provide free credits. For example, payment service providers like UniPin often run large giveaways and contests to promote their top-up services. As one of the biggest digital content providers in Southeast Asia, UniPin has established credibility through partnerships with official game publishers. So before participating, research the reputation of the organizer. Check their website, social media pages, online reviews, and confirmation of partnerships for signs of authenticity. Popular brands that specialize in digital payments and content are generally safer options.

Verify the payment method

High-quality giveaways would never ask for any upfront payment or personal financial information before rewarding you. This is a major red flag since scammers often disguise dubious links and fake credit redeemals as free giveaways to steal your money or data. Genuine organizers shouldn’t require you to register credit cards, bank accounts, mobile banking apps, or other payment details just to participate. Carefully inspect any registration or signup forms before providing sensitive information. Reputable companies will also have secure payment platforms and encryption measures. For extra assurance, you can verify the payment method via the brand’s official customer support channels. Contact their live chat helplines or social media accounts to confirm if the giveaway platform and payment links are legitimate.

Check terms and conditions 

Carefully read the fine print before participating in any online contest or giveaway. Genuine credit reward programs will be upfront and transparent about any terms, limitations, eligibility criteria, and redemption instructions. This builds trust and accountability. For example, official lucky draws may require participants to have reached certain levels, own select devices, or be located in specific countries. There could also be caps on how many free credits each person can claim. Fake offers usually have dubious T&Cs designed purposefully to confuse participants and conceal scams. Hard-to-understand legalese and questionable clauses should raise red flags. So if something seems shady or too good to be true, trust your instinct. Visit here for buying games credits bstation.

Watch out for suspicious links

Links are one of the main channels used by hackers to steal information or install malware. Contest pages and lucky draw announcements should only come from official websites and verified social media accounts. Scammers often create lookalike profiles and websites resembling legitimate brands. Check that URLs have the correct official domain instead of slight misspellings. Also, look out for valid SSL certificates and HTTPS addresses for security. Don’t blindly click on links sent via private messages or chats either. Even if it comes from people on your friends list, accounts have been compromised. Only access giveaway portals via official posts from the brand’s verified public pages.


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