Healthy Low Calorie Meals That Will Satisfy Your Hunger

It is no secret that weight loss can be difficult, but not impossible. When you take the time to look for alternatives in your diet and cooking, you will find a plethora of options to keep you satisfied and best of all-not hungry. Here are some ideas to help you in Filling low calorie meals.

Why low calorie?

Most people would agree that it can be tempting when someone drops pounds quickly through extreme calorie cutting methods, only to gain it back just as quickly once starvation hits again. Low calorie meals allow for a slow change in lifestyle which is more sustainable long term. If you eat like a caveman, you will eventually end up in the ground. By using these low calorie choices, you can avoid rapid weight loss and gain only the weight back.


There are many low calorie options you can choose from when it comes to breakfast. There are actually some guidelines you should use to keep your loss down. A good breakfast is one that has the right balance of fats, protein and carbs. The easiest way to reach this balance is to combine 2 or more of these foods with a low fat natural source of sugar. Combinations that do not include dairy products or white bread should be avoided unless they have a neutral effect on blood sugar levels. The following meals will work well as a low calorie breakfast.

Lunch and Dinner

There are many options for lunch and dinner that have a low calorie count, but still taste terrific and fill you up. The key with these meals is figuring out what your body needs for energy. Choose between protein, small amounts of carbs or mix one of each with some fat to get your calories down without giving your body any extra power to burn off later at night. The following meals will work well as a low calorie lunch and dinner.


Low calorie snacks don’t have to be boring, they just need to be natural in their ingredients so they won’t affect your blood sugar level as much. Snacks can be a quick and easy way to fill you up when you don’t have any time to cook. Here are some of the best food choices for low calorie snacks.


Low calorie meals are not only good for weight loss, they can help keep you satisfied. You just have to figure out what your body needs in your diet and then use it wisely. If you follow the guidelines above, the possibilities are endless. The most important thing is that you find something that works for your body so keep trying new things.

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