Avoid these Armored SUV Myths!

Armored SUVs have gained popularity in recent years, not only among high-profile individuals but also for those seeking an extra layer of security. With this rise also come a bunch of misconceptions. Armored SUVs, overall, are a machine and symbol of safety. When you’re taking the step to ensure a safer presence for you or your family, considering these myths can only do more harm than good. Take the time to understand these vehicles by going through the following myths:

  1. Armored SUVs Are Only for the Super-Rich

In reality, armored SUVs come in various price ranges. While high-end, high-luxury options are available, affordable alternatives can also provide reliable protection. Based on your needs and budget, it might also be a good idea to consider a pre-owned vehicle, one that has been certified by a reputed Armorer. Afterall, safety is a right for all!

  1. Armored SUVs Are Indestructible

While armored SUVs offer enhanced protection, they are not invincible. Of course, they can withstand various threats, including bullets and explosions, but their level of protection depends on the amor’s thickness and quality. It’s crucial to understand that no vehicle is entirely impervious to harm. However, with effective maintenance and upkeep, you’ll surely have a near-invincible machine to rely on.

  1. Armored SUVs Are Overkill for Everyday Use

Many people believe that owning an armored SUV is only necessary for those in high-risk professions or living in dangerous areas. However, these vehicles are versatile and can provide an added layer of security in various situations. From business executives to families concerned about their safety, armored SUVs are a gateway to peace of mind.

  1. Armored SUVs Are Uncomfortable

Some assume that armored vehicles sacrifice comfort for security. While early models may have been less comfortable, modern armored SUVs are designed with the latest technology to maintain a comfortable and safe ride. Now, SUVs from luxury carmakers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, GMC and more can be upgraded with Armor and other enhancements, combining luxury with security. 

Take the step towards your safety without being surrounded by myths, rumors, and misconceptions. In this regard, Troy Armoring SUV can help you balance your security needs and comfort preferences at its best. 

Overall, an Armored SUV has been evolved and perfect to meet the diverse needs of modern living, a need that you deserve to fulfil, no matter your wealth, importance, or location.

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