What Are The Attributes That Make A Watch Reliable 

What is the need for a watch when you have a smartphone? Yes, that’s true! But what if you are in a place where smartphones are not allowed, like an examination hall? Now, this is why a wristwatch-like Rolex pearlmaster is very reliable. In most examination halls, smartwatches aren’t allowed as they can lead to malpractices. So, a regular functional wristwatch is always essential. 

Let’s a few attributes that make a watch reliable and easy to use 

Smartwatches are costly and delicate. Any scratch on the screen will make the entire screen dysfunctional. But regular watches are very feasible in this case. Even if there’s a scratch, the watch will function as usual, and there will be no effect of the scratch on the working of the watch. 

Smartwatches have the same design but come in different colors. Analog watches have too many options, and they come in various styles, dials, sizes, and many more. One can choose an analog watch according to their requirements. Unlike smartwatches, analog watches like Rolex pearlmaster have different sizes of dials that go easy with any garment or personality. 

  • Cost And Maintenance

It’s a fact that one needs to spend more to get more, and it’s applicable in smartwatches. Low-cost smartwatches or unbranded watches that come at a meager price don’t help in the long run, and they might not have required features too. To get a smartwatch that makes the user smarter, one has to spend atleast 10k-15k. Even the maintenance is very high for smartwatches. Battery, screen, belt, everything needs to be maintained carefully.  

Analog watches like Rolex pearlmaster are tangible and more substantial when compared to smartwatches. Even if there’s an issue with the watch, it can be repaired at a meager cost by any watch repair service provider, and it can be cleaned and used frequently. Smartwatches aren’t water-resistant, and they are resistant only upto a specific limit, which is very high for analog watches. 

Smartwatches might not work after drowning in water, but analog watches have high chances of functioning even after soaking in the water. 

  • Extra Features

Smartwatches provide a wide range of features, including GPS, heartbeat, etc. They are very reliable for athletes. Analog watches have just two features that are time and date. Most of the eyes even lack the date feature in them.

Smartwatches are reliable for people who are sportive in nature. But it’s always better to have an analog watch in a bag for emergency use. 

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