How to Use Volunteer Software to Recruit and Retain?

Volunteers are an essential component of many non-profit organizations, and volunteer recruitment and retention can be challenging. Fortunately, volunteer management software can make it easier to attract and keep volunteers. 

Let us try to understand how non-profit organizations can use volunteer software to recruit and retain volunteers.

Reach a Wider Audience

Volunteer management software can help non-profits reach a wider audience by posting volunteer opportunities on social media, email newsletters, and other online platforms.

Automate Volunteer Applications

Volunteer management software can automate the volunteer application process. In this way, volunteers can fill out applications online and be automatically matched with appropriate volunteer opportunities.

Simplify Volunteer Scheduling

Volunteer management software can simplify the process of scheduling volunteers by allowing them to select the dates and times that work best for them. This can make it easier for volunteers to commit to a regular volunteering schedule.

Retaining Volunteers

Volunteer management software can also help non-profit organizations to retain volunteers. Here are a few ways in which volunteer software does this:

  • Making them feel included in organizational initiatives
  • Utilizing their skills and experience in the best possible ways
  • Valuing the efforts of volunteers by appreciating their good work
  • Supporting them in their work by offering them all the required resources 

Track Volunteer Hours

Volunteer management software can track volunteer hours, which can be used to recognize volunteers and demonstrate the impact of their work.

Communicate with Volunteers

Volunteer management software can be used to send regular updates to volunteers, keep them informed of upcoming events, and recognize their contributions in different arenas.

Provide Training and Resources

Volunteer management software can provide volunteers with useful training and resources to help them do their jobs more effectively. This can make volunteers feel more confident in their roles and more connected to the organization.

Solicit Feedback

Volunteer management software can be used to solicit feedback from volunteers about their experiences. This feedback can be used to make improvements and address any issues that volunteers may have.


By creating volunteer opportunities, reaching a wider audience, automating volunteer applications, simplifying volunteer scheduling, tracking volunteer hours, communicating with volunteers, providing training and resources, and soliciting feedback, non-profits can build a strong volunteer base and increase the impact of their work. And for this, they would need an efficient volunteer scheduling software that can streamline it all.

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