Get to know why people want to play GTA 4 over GTA 

Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the sleep-on games you can see in the GTA series. But with an immense shadow cast by the two terms of expectation, it is easy to know why it never gets the proper recognition it deserves. It has a good playground in Liberty City filled with the best interactions and carnage just begging to be started. The agreement of which titles in the series show supreme is always to depend outside of its reach, where it will cause it to fall for mediocrity. You must know why you must get grand theft auto 4 pc game. 


Other than yakuza, mafia, ballers, and other groups that are in the GTA series, police are the most significant threats. You will have profiled fast when you only stand before an officer for quite a long time in the game. It also happens when you engage in other acts unless you are seen. You must feel free to prepare your heart, but in Grand Theft Auto V, you must be ready for a blood hunt and have a high chance of not getting caught. 


When it is about hanging with friends, the usual activity is a short time. It will lead to the bar and cracking open with the boys. Getting drunk in GTV 4 is one of the things you must experience in the game. Other than being in the rite of passage in friendship, the effects on your character are fun, and it is not only talking about the blurry screen. The excitement in the game sees you falling over face first, slurring your words, and crashing into everything you see. The game gives you an exciting feeling but is only for a shorter time, making GTA 4 the best match for those looking to get it. 

Realistic gunfire

Sometimes, a friendly game of fisticuffs with a random NPC will get out of hand. In most players’ minds, firearms are their only option before they become a chalk line on the pavement. The game’s feature is that the successor doesn’t, which is the reliability of NPCs when shot. When you shoot in the leg, arm, or stomach, it will not guarantee that you will be dead. NPCs are not fatally wounded, but you can get up, and the wound will get away. It is mind-boggling that it is made in the game compared to other series. 

Good friend interaction 

It is one of the annoying thoughts of Grand Theft Auto IV, which is satisfying to hear. The fact that the friends made relationships with other characters in the game last longer. It is a feature that has grown to be missed in Grand Theft Auto V from Patty, Brucie, Little Jacob, and more. 

You will feel like driving in real life when you play the game because the cars in the game are what you expect from an actual-world vehicle. Ragdoll physics is better because of its extensive use in the Euphoria game. Some people like the excessive and exaggerated nature of GTA 5’s physics and the game’s characters and narrative. But you are trying to be more humble and will like to play GTA 4.

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